Diana Cost

Biography Diana Cost is an award winning teacher who works at the Global Learning Charter School in New Bedford, MA, where she teaches science, anatomy and physiology, and engineering teacher for both middle and high school students. Diana is also a National Science Foundation/ UMass Dartmouth Master Teacher Fellow in charge of community partnership with science and engineering colleges and industry.

Philosophy: ‘As a teacher leader I believe I must model life-long learning and citizenship for my students. In my practice I establish partnerships with school, family and community. I believe it is my professional duty to share my experiences and classroom expertise. I believe all educators to need to establish a working relationship with rigor and high standards that promotes student learning. We must understand how they learn, circumstances that affect their learning, and the prior knowledge of all students. Schools need to embrace and acknowledge differences and build lasting partnerships where the family, school, and community come together to plan strategies that are realistic and meaningful. I believe that classrooms need to respect that our students are digital natives and we must strive to include these technologies in everyday learning for all students. I believe that classrooms need to become more student centered with the teacher acting as a facilitator of learning. It is with great respect that I share my desire to better serve my fellow teachers, students, and families by requesting that you consider me for this service.”

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